Saint Mary’s House System

Camaraderie. Competition. Friendship.

4th quarter House points as of 5/27/20

Thomas Aquinas
Catherine of Siena
John Paul II
Juniperro Serra

A new foundation

The House System joins students of different backgrounds and grade levels – of different talents and interests – into a new foundation for student activities. The student body is united in six Houses, each with one of the saints on our mural as its special patron: St. Catherine of Siena, St. Junipero Serra, St. Agnes, St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope St. John Paul II, and St. Francis. This means that every student at Saint Mary’s belongs to one of those six Houses. Each House is also divided into five rooms, and the student is a part of that room for as long as he or she is at Saint Mary’s.

Pray together. Play together.

Our House System creates lots of opportunities for camaraderie, for competition, and for friendship. The Houses host events together, meet regularly to pray together and to play together, and compete against one another for honor and glory. Our school, Saint Mary’s, is a place of long tradition. This new tradition does not replace the old ones, but builds on the family, the friendships, and community that we already have. Just as the beauty of our faith is ever ancient, and always new; so our school is built on a firm foundation, but is always building new traditions.

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House Leadership

Each House will elect two House Senators (Upperclassman Student Leaders) to serve and support the House with their Dean (Faculty Member). Each Room will elect two Room Cuncilors (Student Leaders) to lead and serve their Room with their Mentor Teacher. The House System creates a great opportunity for Saint Mary’s students to get involved in the SM Community by planning events, projects, and service opportunities, as well as creating fellowship with the members of their House and Room.

St. Francis
Dean: Miss Veronica Kuenstle
Senators: Mia Castro and Stephanie Puente
Mentors: Dr. Aaron Thurow, Mr. John Calvert, Ms. Liz Salgado, Mr. Isak Bond

St. Thomas Aquinas 
Dean : Mr. Rocky Brittain
Senators: Maria Brittain and Eddie Martinez
Mentors: Mr. Tom Brittain, Sr. Peter Thomas, Dr. Michael Carlin, Mr. Luke Seely, Mr. Peter Nguyen

St. Catherine of Siena
Dean: Sr. Mercedes
Senators: Brittany Orozco and Rothsen Villa
Mentors: Ms. Christina Strafaci, Mr. Mark Amorose, Mrs. Lauren Blomberg, Mr. Don Durkee, Mr. Izalco Teo Ruiz

St. Agnes
Dean: Mrs/ Mary Ferguson
Senators: Jayden Quinn and David Wilmowski
Mentors: Fr. Vietor, Mr. Nick Gartonzavesky, Mr. Tim Wiley, Ms. Tanya Bartlett, Dr. Ryan Womack

St. John Paul II
Dean: Miss. Liz Perry
Senators: Robert Torrez and Lauren Engelthaler
Mentors: Mrs. Linda Voita, Mrs. Christie Swingle, Mr. Bill Grimm, Mr. Thomas Coast, Mr. James Spina

St. Junipero Serra
Dean: Mr. Ryan Ayala
Senators: Sasha Aguayo and Mariana Ayala
Mentors: Mr. Jonathan Ciani, Mr. Zachary Weisse, Sr. Mary David, Mrs. Julie Vietri, Mrs. Amy Jerome


The word liberal in liberal arts and liberal education does not refer to the opposite of conservative; it refers to being free, the opposite of constrained and subjugated. The liberal arts curriculum at Saint Mary’s is designed to help students learn how to think and how to communicate. In other words, these habits help men and women become wise, not just smart.


When asked to recall memories of high school, many graduates will quote a plaque in the gym from the words of legendary trainer Horace Pieri, “We may not be the biggest, but we have the firm conviction we can be the best”. Saint Mary’s boasts 9 Boys Football Championships, 7 Girls Basketball Championships, 3 Boys Basketball Championships, and one Girls’ Softball Championship.


Saint Mary’s Catholic High School has been part of Phoenix history since 1917, just five years after Arizona became a State.  Founded by the Sisters of the Precious Blood, the school served five boys and twelve girls and was located in a dedicated classroom at Saint Anthony’s elementary school.  In 1920, Saint Mary’s moved to its own one story home on East Monroe Street.

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