We are able to give tuition assistance to over 85% of our students

Thanks to our donors and tax credits through STOs.

Tuition & Aid

Saint Mary’s Catholic High School bases its tuition policy on the premise that tuition payments are an investment in your child’s education and Christian formation. It is the duty of the school administration, in the spirit of Christian stewardship, to ensure that adequate financial resources are available for the school and that enrollment is as affordable as possible to all families.

2019-2020 Rates

$15,500/year or $12,100/year for Catholics registered in a Catholic Parish

$300 Registration Fee non-refundable and not included in tuition

Tuition Rates for 2020-2021 will be available February 2020

Financial Aid - Tuition Assistance Opportunities

We want to be sure that tuition is affordable for all students who want to attend St. Mary’s. We work with Student Tuition Organizations (STOs), Foundations, private donors and other organizations to provide tuition assistance to all who request assistance. Students who take the placement test at St. Mary’s are eligible for merit assistance. Student’s eligibility for tuition assistance is determined by household size and household income and needs to be documented by 2019 tax returns. Completing all applications recommended by due dates result in the maximum assistance.

Trainings for Financial Aid process will be held at:
8:00am on January 11 and January 25th in the Piper auditorium during Placement Testing

Median Saint Mary’s Tuition Cost
Based on Family Size and Income

  Household SizeAnnual Income belowAnnual Income belowAnnual Income above
Add for each additional$8,176$15,127$15,128

Classification of Aid eligibility


Free/Reduced Eligible


Corporate/Low income eligible

Individual eligible, can be Switcher/Plus eligible if coming from Public School
Median Tuition cost for 2019-2020 at St. Mary’s 






Avg number of funding sources for assistance423

Please Contact the Business Office at 602.251.2510 with questions regarding Tuition.


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